Route 20

After years of being on the market, the Governors Motor Inn has a future. 

The zoning board will hold a public hearing Wednesday, Jan. 15 on how big the signs can be for WellNow, a new emergent-care facility set to open in McKownville. 

The state says there is a “significant threat to public health or the environment” from chemicals in the soil and groundwater. 

More vehicles travel the portion of Western Avenue between Route 155 and Carman Road every day — over 40,000 — than travel along Wolf Road in front of Colonie Center.

Maggie Smith has devoted her life to the restaurant she launched 25 years ago, after winning at the track.

An application submitted recently to the town would bring 283 apartments and 80,5000 square feet of commercial space to the wooded land near the Guilderland YMCA.

There is no easy or immediate answer to the question of what to do with rundown properties like the Rustic Barn or the former gas station near Crossgates — both on Route 20 in Guilderland.

A new apartment complex of 96 units proposed for Western Avenue near Guilderland’s Hannaford is one of many apartment projects recently approved or under consideration along the length of that road.

Guilderland has received a grant of $680,800 to install a sidewalk that will accommodate wheelchairs, linking the Guilderland Library to the SEFCU building at Regency Park Drive, near Route 155.

The Department of Taxation said there is still a current warranted balance of more than $25,000.


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