Pyramid Management Group

Carolyn Drooby, Guilderland

The federal judge that dismissed a suit from Guilderland residents concluded that, at worst, the town allowed Pyramid to clear-cut part of its property and, she wrote, “While this certainly could be seen as vexatious given that the property was undergoing a SEQRA review, it is not the sort of conduct that shocks the conscience or is ‘truly brutal and offensive to human dignity.’”

The Guilderland Planning Board has 30 calendar days to issue a findings statement on Pyramid’s Rapp Road and Western Avenue projects.

Pyramid Management Group took its next step toward a new development in Guilderland on Wednesday.

With a pandemic nearly bringing the economy to a grinding halt for the past two months, problems have arisen for a major retailer looking to expand. 

The lawsuit alleges that the town and Pyramid’s actions evince Guilderland’s “unalterably closed mind pre-determining the outcome of the project’s land use permitting process.” Guilderland Supervisor Peter Barber responded that residents had wanted higher-density development, apartments and shops, closer to existing retail, which would keep traffic off of Western Avenue.

“Are we going to put life on hold?” asks Guilderland Supervisor Peter Barber.

Pyramid has agreed to convey to the Rapp Road Historical District five properties that it has bought within the district; the properties could be used, it says, to build a cultural center. The district denotes a rare intact neighborhood of homes built by African-Americans who came north from Mississippi during the Great Migration. 

The grassroots organizations Guilderland Coalition for Responsible Growth, Save the Pine Bush, and the Rapp Road Historical Association have launched a GoFundMe drive to fund hiring their own, independent scientists to evaluate any studies provided by Pyramid in its DEIS. But as of Jan. 10, the group had raised just $2,925 of its $100,000 goal. 

GUILDERLAND — Stephen Cadalso was one of the residents of the ghost neighborhood in front of Crossgates Mall; he sold his home to Pyramid in December 2015. He believes Pyramid’s current plan to build a Costco in his old neighborhood is “too intense” of a use.


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