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Crossgates Mall

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on Crossgates Mall’s balance sheet, and the Guilderland retail center is just one of a number of Pyramid-owned malls that continue to deal with the fallout from the pandemic.

As retail sales falter, Pyramid sued the town of Guilderland in August, seeking a lower assessment, but now the two find themselves as co-defendants in a suit over Pyramid’s proposed Costco and mixed-use projects. 

Steve Wacksman, Guilderland

Brian Kelly, Guilderland

Debbie Petnel, Guilderland

activists who had assembled

Guilderland Planning Board members avoided walking through the front door of town hall to avoid activists who had assembled there on Wednesday to protest the board’s vote to approve Pyramid’s Rapp Road and Western Avenue projects.

Guilderland town hall
Property owners in town have filed 32 lawsuits against Guilderland, seeking to have a collective $378 million cut from the current assessed values of their properties. 

Crossgates Mall sign

Crossgates is dealing with the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, suing retailers for not paying rent.  

Carolyn Drooby, Guilderland

The federal judge that dismissed a suit from Guilderland residents concluded that, at worst, the town allowed Pyramid to clear-cut part of its property and, she wrote, “While this certainly could be seen as vexatious given that the property was undergoing a SEQRA review, it is not the sort of conduct that shocks the conscience or is ‘truly brutal and offensive to human dignity.’”


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