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While the risk of being infected with the novel coronavirus remains very low for Albany County residents, Albany County Health Commissioner Elizabeth Whalen said, “We are not too early to start planning … to be prepared if we need to be prepared.”

After the outbreaks in the building at 1228 Western Ave. in 2012, when it was a hotel, and in February 2019, after it became an assisted-living facility, was there another outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in September? … The public — particularly the people living in that building — deserves answers.

Administrative law judge Sean O’Brien

The mitigation measures in place at Promenade now require a great deal of monitoring, flushing, and documenting by employees as well as the compliance of residents and their families. 

GUILDERLAND — The Legionella bacteria that caused an outbreak in February, sickening two residents of the Promenade at University Place Assisted Living facility, killing one of them, has been found to match samples from a 2012 outbreak

Six cases of Legionnaires’ disease were linked to the building about seven years ago, when it was a Best Western Sovereign Hotel, but the assisted-living facility that has since converted the hotel undertook an “extensive renovation that replaced every single fixture in the building, faucets as well as the hot-water heater” and all the piping, according to Paul Belitsis, Promenade Senior Living’s chief financial officer and chief operating officer.

Volunteer squads and town leaders generally agree to a plan to put a paid emergency medical technician on call in the Hilltowns, but some worry about squashing volunteer spirit and logistical considerations.

A deadly disease caused by a virus that attacks the brain and spinal cord, rabies came to America in the 1700s when European settlers brought their dogs.

A common saw on the worth of bats is human-centric: They eat bugs.

A bat, in a single night, will eat half of its weight in insects — not just the mosquitoes that plague us but all manner of night flyers, like moths and beetles.

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