Hilltowns Community Resource Center

A client of the Hilltowns Community Resource Center also volunteers there.

Students who come from poverty have a more difficult time learning, and local schools are tackling the problem at home and in the classroom.

HCRC finds resourceful ways to help make the holidays happier for the Hilltown elderly and low-income families.

The Voorheesville Elementary School now has 46 students, or nearly 10 percent of enrollment, who are eligible for free or reduced-cost lunches.​

MaryBeth Peterson and Misty Schaffer, Hilltowns Community Resource Center, Westerlo

Started as an online gateway to local foods, FarmieMarket was Sarah Avery Gordon’s way for small, local farmers like her father to reach customers who increasingly shop online.

To the Editor:

If you were a member of the Hilltown community looking for help with getting food for your family, where would you go?

Did you know that there is an organization established in Westerlo to help families with just that?

Timothy Albright, a life member of the New Scotland Historical Association, came across documents describing the efforts by his native town and county to spend tax money to help people in poverty in the 19th century.

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