The snowier, colder winters of long ago attracted multitudes of people outdoors, especially the young,   to enjoy the brisk weather and take advantage of the town’s snow-covered hills and icy ponds

Voorheesville will hold a public hearing on the proposed Historic Preservation Law on Tuesday, Dec. 17, at 6 p.m., at village hall. 

“I’ve always had a reverence for the old,” Timothy Rau said, likening his work to a “rebirth” for historic buildings — “putting it back the way it had been.”

Villagers with long memories gathered at the Altamont Free Library last Friday night, on the eve of the village’s first Founders Day, to share memories and swap stories.

As we approach budget-drafting season in our towns, we urge our municipal leaders to set aside some funds for their town historians to carry on worthwhile work. 

Guilderland resident John Haluska has finished repainting 35 of Guilderland’s 40 historical markers.

The Friends of the Slingerland Family Burial Vault to present tours on October 6, calling it "A Visit with Slingerlands' Founding Family"

The question of whose grave lies in the Cains’ backyard remains a mystery. 

In 1833, the village of Clarksville was created by decree of the Postmaster General of the United States of America. On Saturday, Aug. 3, residents are invited to celebrate the rural hamlet’s rich history. 

Historic Altamont Inc. has made several unsuccessful attempts to save the Doctor Crounse House. Now it has gotten a previous prospective buyer to make another bid, provided the house’s owners, the town of Guilderland and village of Altamont, take out a loan to rid the house of asbestos. 


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