Councilwoman Rosemary Centi recalled how originally town residents had not been charged for ambulance services. “We took whatever their insurance paid,” she said.

GUILDERLAND — “My childhood friend had COVID. You saved her life. No words can express my gratitude.”

Working with other staff, Kathleen Dethomasis said, nurses call each person who tests positive for COVID-19, collects their contact information, and provides them with education and strategies to prevent further spread of the disease, including adherence to isolation and quarantine orders.

Advice travels fast during a panic. But experts say that it’s important to consult with doctors before treating suspected or confirmed COVID-19 symptoms at home.

Medical offices are taking extraordinary steps to ensure patients’ safety during the present crisis, but strict in-house sanitation procedures and loosened regulations on telemedicine are not fully protecting healthcare providers from economic loss as they lose patients and cancel nonessential appointments to focus on critical care.

Amelia and Peter Nobis

Chantelle Nobis, a Hilltown native who now lives near Rome, New York, is fighting to develop better treatments for neurofibromatosis, a rare and vaguely understood genetic disorder that afflicts both her husband and daughter.

Lisa Campo-Engelstein, Ph.D. of Altamont was chosen by the BBC as one of “100 inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2019.” She teaches students at Albany Medical College about the human side of being a doctor. In this week’s podcast, Campo-Engelstein talks with passion about her work as a feminist bioethicist.

The zoning board will hold a public hearing Wednesday, Jan. 15 on how big the signs can be for WellNow, a new emergent-care facility set to open in McKownville. 

If each of us commits to giving just a bit of our time and talents, the community as a whole will benefit.

“The aging population is increasing,” says Joel Edwards, a founder of Community Caregivers. “There is a socio-economic stress of, often, both adults working. And our families aren’t near. We need volunteers. We always need more volunteers.”


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