The old idea of the American melting pot — in which public schools played a central role in shaping a single American ideal from the many cultures that have created the United States of America — has happily been replaced by a tossed salad metaphor: People from diverse places with equally diverse cultures have come together as one.

There are pitfalls in using a fund balance or reserve accounts to balance a budget, Andrew Van Alstyne cautioned. “The metaphor we use is a fiscal cliff,” he said. Continued use of these funds to balance a budget creates a gap that ultimately leads to budget cuts.

Kristin DuGuay

On the ballot for Voorheesville School District voters on Dec. 6 are two proposals: a $25.2 million “core” capital school project and a $2 million energy performance contract. The district plans to hold an informational meeting on the proposal on Thursday, Nov. 3, at 6:30 p.m.

Due process complaints are a state-sanctioned mechanism that allows parents, guardians, and public agencies to seek changes to the placement of a child with regard to special education classes, as well as identification and evaluation of a disability.

GUILDERLAND — After this year’s attempt to let high school students get the sleep that science shows they require, the Guilderland schools will return in the fall to the same start times the district used before the pandemic.

William Cooney, Guilderland

Robert Mastro, Altamont

John B. Haluska, Sherry D. Haluska, Guilderland

Andrew R. Genovese, Guilderland

Sarah Gordon, Rensselaerville


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