GUILDERLAND — After this year’s attempt to let high school students get the sleep that science shows they require, the Guilderland schools will return in the fall to the same start times the district used before the pandemic.

William Cooney, Guilderland

Robert Mastro, Altamont

John B. Haluska, Sherry D. Haluska, Guilderland

Andrew R. Genovese, Guilderland

Sarah Gordon, Rensselaerville

Elizabeth Floyd Mair, Member DEI Committee of the Guilderland School Board

As of Monday at 1 p.m., four petitions had been returned.

So far, the Guilderland school district has spent about $1.6 million out of the roughly $7.8 million it has been allocated in federal funds to deal with the pandemic.

Jacqulyn Vandenburg said she knows how important it is to pull from “a big bank of people” and so she creates that for the students and community at Lynnwood. “It was important in my life so I want to try to foster that here,” said Vandenburg.


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