Depending on the source, some New Scotland water customers can pay as much as $26 per 1,000 gallons of water while others pay as little as $4.50. Recently, because their own service had to be shut down, the 127 customers in the Northeast Water District have been paying close to double what they normally pay for water.

Nick Yetto of Clarksville

Nick Yetto of Clarksville has published his first novel, “Sommelier of Deformity,” and is at work on another, to examine the meaning of truth, about a real-life con woman who “cured” people through radio waves.

In 1833, the village of Clarksville was created by decree of the Postmaster General of the United States of America. On Saturday, Aug. 3, residents are invited to celebrate the rural hamlet’s rich history. 

Faiza Salman, a native of Pakistan, was just 19 when she came to America; her father had arranged for her to marry a fellow Pakistani who had been state-side for over a decade. She experienced culture shock, but not how you’d think.

One resident of the Bethlehem Central School District wants the district to hold onto Clarksville Elementary in New Scotland.

Last Saturday, Clarksville held their annual Heritage Day at the Clarksville Community Church.

A car collided with a motorcyclist who had not stopped at an intersection at Route 443 in Clarksville, police say; the crash was minutes away from where emergency responders and police were stationed.

ALBANY COUNTY — Like counties across the state, the Bethlehem Central School District is also quickly approaching a deadline.

CLARKSVILLE — Join the Clarksville Historical Society on Wednesday evening, May 3, at 7 p.m. at the Clarksville Community Church on Delaware Turnpike for an interesting presentation on New York license plate and vehicle registration history.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple says he doesn’t need taxpayers’ money to buy the Clarksville school; he can use asset forfeiture funds.


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