"The Securities Industry in New York City"

Two reports from the state comptroller’s office show that, while Wall Street is doing well in the midst of the pandemic — securities-industry profits grew by 82 percent in the first half of 2020 — Main Street is not.

Crossgates Mall

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on Crossgates Mall’s balance sheet, and the Guilderland retail center is just one of a number of Pyramid-owned malls that continue to deal with the fallout from the pandemic.

The amendment to the agreement is for a period not to exceed three years, with quarterly reviews. 

 “For every $100 spent at a local store, approximately $48 stays in the community … If you spend that on a chain store, about $14 stays in the community … That’s a huge difference,” said Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy on Tuesday as he launched a “Shop local” campaign. 

Evoke Style in Guilderland

Local shops are open for business, but they continue to feel the effects of the pandemic.

With a recent $10,000 investment from the Guilderland Industrial Development Agency, the Guilderland Chamber of Commerce is planning to launch a community investor program that will ultimately return funds to local small businesses that apply. In a separate initiative, the chamber plans to expand and diversify its board.

Millions of federal dollars have flowed into the area recently.

GUILDERLAND — Route 20 Café at 1823 Western Ave. is celebrating recent renovations on July 16 with a reopening ceremony at 10:30 a.m.

GUILDERLAND — One in 10 people in Guilderland is food insecure, according to a press release from the Guilderland Chamber of Commerce. The suburban town has a population of roughly 36,000.

The Capital Region begins Phase 4 on Wednesday but large malls, gyms, and amusement parks are not allowed to open.


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