The schedule was moved up by about a year, and the town intends to request the speed limit be lowered along the route following its repaving.

Following a crash in Berne that ripped apart a pickup truck and left two injured, one in critical condition, the driver of the vehicle is scheduled to be released from the hospital today and arraigned in court. Apparently intoxicated at the time of the accident, he is facing numerous charges.

The town of Berne will soon be getting a new playground at its town park. The town is also working on a long-term project to set up a natural playground, which uses materials from nature to let children play.

In Berne, the town-owned property of Switzkill Farm will be the site Saturday of a day-long species count and biological survey known as Bioblitz.

The White Sulphur Springs Hotel, a resort over 100 years ago, and later owned by a church in Queens, was torn down Wednesday.

A woman charged with neglecting over 50 animals on her rescue farm in Berne pleaded not guilty to eight charges of failure to provide sustenance on Tuesday night.

In Berne, over 50 animals were taken from an animal rescue operation after owner Linda Mellin, 45, of Berne, was charged Wednesday with animal cruelty charges.

The Memorial Day Parade in Berne will have veterans and active-duty military members marching or riding in the parade for the first time this year. One veteran who will be partaking helped bring the parade to fruition during its first year.

LeeAna Doolin’s hobby is not one typical for teenagers. A beekeeper, or apiarist, she raises bees out of two hives on her family’s farm.

The study is in part from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan to save money by consolidating municipal services, with the town of Knox also eyeing a merger of its own.


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