The Berne supervisor said his vote against the moratorium was symbolic to say that the town needs to move forward on enacting a law to allow for industrial solar arrays, while a councilwoman writing such a law said it needs time and consideration.

On Saturday at Switzkill Farms in Berne, hosted the annual Winterfest where residents can go sledding and have some fun on the fresh powder that fell earlier in the week.

The Berne Town Board decided in a split vote to reinstate the positions of liaisons a little over a month after the supervisor decided to do away with the posts.

Chance Townsend said he has not had enough hours to do his job properly, though several town board members disagree.

Building Inspector Chance Townsend says he has too much work in his limited hours — 20 to 30 hours a week — to keep up with making citations for the many code violations in Berne.

Supervisor Sean Lyons said he decided town board liaisons are not necessary, and that department heads can simply communicate directly with the board.

On Saturday, Switzkill Farms in Berne held a Halloween party in the lodge were there was a costume parade, crafts and games.

A museum on agriculture has been proposed for Switzkill Farm’s “Pheasant House,” a metal building with several sections that could be used not only for a museum but potentially for a wildlife rehabilitator and a 4-H club.

With over 30 places for people to visit, the discover the hilltown tour had plenty to offer people that wanted to come see what these places offer or make.

Family Fun Day sponsored by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Albany County. This year’s event was at CN Tommell Cattle Company in Berne on Sunday


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