Nelson Kent, a former tenant of Switzkill Farm who was made to leave the town property in February, was appointed its live-in caretaker by the Berne Town Board

Scott Green who was fired by the town of Berne two years ago following a dispute over health insurance, was charged with harassment last month after apparently visiting town hall.

The reconstruction of a bridge in West Berne has been delayed until late summer due to ground movement, an unusual phenomenon.

The Youth Council has five members now, while it previously only had three. A lack of members has led to concerns about holding events while a stalled appointment has led to accusations of political bias on both sides.

The Berne Town Board tabled appointing new members to the town’s youth council and board of assessment review; discussions through email reveal Democratic board members’ concerns over appointing the GOP party chairman to the youth council.

A Berne town board meeting revealed division among members following an inflammatory incident at Switzkill Farm.

There was a violation at Switzkill Farm. It wasn’t the sprinkler system.

The Helderberg Hilltowns are receiving millions of dollars in state funds for broadband expansion that includes wireless internet.

A Berne man set his home on fire in order to demolish the house so he could build a new one in its place.

Richard J. Ronconi, member, Switzkill Farm Board, Berne


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