VOORHEESVILLE — Seventy years ago, a young man attending New York State College for Teachers in Albany was walking in the hallway, heading to a social studies class. On the way, he happened to notice  a young lady sitting in a classroom, waiting for class to begin.

SLINGERLANDS — Kenneth Hallenbeck and Olive Mae Wright were married on Aug. 10, 1957 at 2 o’clock at St. Madeleine Sophie Church on Carman Road in Guilderland.

After 64 years of marriage, Mrs. Hallenbeck says, “Marriage is not 50-50. Sometimes it’s 75-25 percent of give and take, always with trust and understanding.”

William and Elaine Zimmer, long-time residents of Rotterdam, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on June 13. 

They were married in Jamestown, New York on June 13, 1951. Elaine Zimmer says, “Thirteen is my lucky number!”

ALTAMONT — Kenneth William Farrar married Joycelyn F. Stone on June 20, 1959 in an Albany ceremony officiated by then-Bishop Howard Hubbard.

Joan and Walter Weis will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on April 14. They met while attending Albany High School in the 1940s. Joan, who knew Walter was “the one” from the very beginning, often quips, “I chased him until he caught me.”

NEW SCOTLAND — Sixty years ago, the average cost of a new house was $12,700, a gallon of gas was 25 cents, and a 23-inch television would set you back about $220. Sixty years ago, John F.

The Weekend Cruisers gave the couple Joe and Terry Church of 70 years a plaque to commemorate their wedding anniversary.

ALTAMONT — The Barker family would like to honor the 50th wedding anniversary of Ann and Glenn Barker of Altamont.

Ann and Glenn Barker were married on May 23, 1970 at St. Mary’s Church in Tuxedo Park, New York. They met while attending Oswego State University.

The McKownville Fire Department, which like the Guilderland Center Fire Department is 100 years old this year, plans to go ahead with its $3.2M expansion plan, and will make it financially feasible by closing the firehouse throughout the construction period.

On Saturday, former pastors of the Knox Reformed Church will be feted at a dinner celebrating the church’s 175th anniversary. On Sunday, they will all participate in the church’s worship service.


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