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After a Berne woman was arrested on charges of neglecting her farm animals, the animals were brought to Camp Pinnacle in New Scotland, where one of the caretakers had been arrested on similar charges four years ago.

In Berne, over 50 animals were taken from an animal rescue operation after owner Linda Mellin, 45, of Berne, was charged Wednesday with animal cruelty charges.

The Guilderhaven ad pictures a few of the many temporary “guests” that came through Guilderhaen’s wildlife rehabilitation program last year.

Emma Cunningham smiles

The program allows the students to explore their career goals and work with an individual business or organization.

Kristin Gundersen, the owner of Alternative Veterinary Therapies, started her own practice in the spring of 2014. With an increase in demand for her practice, Gundersen’s business will be moving to a larger building in Clarksville this weekend.

Amber Pitch, Adirondack 46er, Ariel, dogs

Saturday, Aug. 20, will be a red-letter day for a young woman named Amber and a 11-year old mixed-breed dog named Ariel. A triumphant day really.

Kids and their parents at the fair will have a chance to test their fearlessness by holding an eight-foot boa constrictor or petting an 18-pound lizard. It’s all done to show them that they don’t need to fear reptiles, says Adam Bornt of Uncharted Wild.

GUILDERLAND — Thank you to the Guilderland Public Library and the many young (and older) participants who volunteered their time and talents to make pet toys.

The youngsters were naturals, but some of the adults, myself included, struggled with the “braiding” process.

Around the Capital Region, dogs and cats who hang out in their owners’ shops and businesses are brightening the days of customers with a lick or a purr.

Edna Litten, Altamont


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