Altamont Fire Department

ALTAMONT — Altamont firefighters raised about $5,500 at Friday’s open house, which they plan to give to three families whose homes were damaged or destroyed by recent fires.

Altamont firefighters have rushed to put out three fires in the last month and have decided to turn Friday’s open house into a fundraiser for the affected families.

Large late-night fire damages the home of Tom and Sally Ketchum, well known in Altamont as the owners of Ketchum’s gas station on Main Street.

On Tuesday evening, a fire broke out at 3935 Western Turnpike in Altamont. A signal 30 was declared and crews battled the fire for quite some time.

It was to be an ordinary flight from Baltimore to Albany, the final leg home from a business trip to Atlanta. He hadn’t planned to save anybody that day. 

A past chief, Owen Murray accepted a certificate of appreciation at the annual Altamont Fire Department installation dinner on Saturday at the Cider House Restaurant. 

Ella Armstrong was celebrated at the Altamont Fire Department installation dinner, and Egeziaca Rufa, originally from Frosinone, Italy, turned 100 years old.

Firefighters will return to the village to share and celebrate. The public is encouraged to join in the festivities.

Insurance won't cover the village if a suit involves pollution, Altamont's attorney told the board as it defends itself against legal action from residents who had oil spill in their  cellar after a visit from the volunteer fire department.

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