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The ban will have restaurants have to use compostable or recyclable materials instead of Styrofoam. Vendors to the county and county agencies will also abide by the law under a new executive order.

Towns both large and small are incurring thousands of dollars in costs to dispose of commingled recyclables.

ALBANY COUNTY — The Albany County Department of Health has received multiple calls in recent months from residents concerned about potential exposure to rabies due to contact with bats, which is typical during the spring and summer months.

ALBANY COUNTY — The Albany County Nursing Home and Residential Healthcare Facility has been honored with the 2018 Bronze National Quality Award by the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living for its commitment to improving services for local seniors and residents with disabilities.

In Albany County, a beekeeper, hay farmer, and dairy farmer all want to be in one the county’s three agricultural districts.

Doug LaGrange

ALBANY COUNTY — Albany County’s proposed health consortium was announced this month following the introduction of a bill in the Albany County Legislature to set up the consortium.

While not yet rolled out, a county-wide health consortium is supposed to lower costs for towns, villages, and school districts in the county.

Albany and Saratoga counties plan to build a $45 million biosolid waste facility, which leaders say will save money and reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

The facility is to recycle biosolids, sewer sludge, and food waste into methane gas that can, in turn, produce energy.

Daniel McCoy’s 2018 proposed budget for Albany County is up $25 million from last year, but stays under the state-set levy limit and doesn’t increase taxes.

Albany County’s adopted-shared services plan includes eight proposals, ranging from shared health insurance to joint utility purchases.


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