Albany County Department of Health

Promenade representatives

No new residents can be admitted to Promenade until the adjourned hearing is resumed or until the state’s Department of Health reaches an agreement with Promenade, according to DOH spokesman Gary Holmes.

After the outbreaks in the building at 1228 Western Ave. in 2012, when it was a hotel, and in February 2019, after it became an assisted-living facility, was there another outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in September? … The public — particularly the people living in that building — deserves answers.

Administrative law judge Sean O’Brien

The mitigation measures in place at Promenade now require a great deal of monitoring, flushing, and documenting by employees as well as the compliance of residents and their families. 

A deadly disease caused by a virus that attacks the brain and spinal cord, rabies came to America in the 1700s when European settlers brought their dogs.

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