Base layer of Route 146 resembles a washboard

To the Editor:

Over the past thirty-plus years, I would guess I have driven the stretch of State Route 146 between Altamont and Route 20 in Guilderland over 30,000 times. Most often, I was driving during non-rush hours and could enjoy the drive.

On Sept. 1, as I returned to Altamont, I really became aware of the new and constant motion of my car’s suspension.

I realize the paving of that stretch is not completed and that I was driving on what could be called the base layer. But, if the base layer resembles a washboard, then the finish layer follows those contours.

Someone needs to drive that section and, if my issue is valid, complain to the New York State Department of Transportation.

Lou Domanico

Editor’s note: Beau Duffy, spokesman for the state’s Department of Transportation, responded, “We’re aware of the base course being bumpy.” He said the DOT is working with the contractor and the base course will be made smooth.

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