Single-party rule is not good for New Scotland

To the Editor:

I have been asked to write a letter in regards to the standing of the Republican Party and lack of a candidate for this year’s town election.

The fact that we are not running a candidate cannot and should not be seen as a ringing endorsement of the current leadership nor should it be seen as the Republican Party lacking organization. 

The Town of New Scotland Republican Committee has determined that this year, the Republican Party would not run a town candidate.  Although much consideration was taken and candidates wanted to run, the Republican Party felt as a whole that we would better serve the community if for the next two years we promote ideas to improve our town and present real solutions to problems the town of New Scotland is facing today and will be facing in the near future. 

Our town leadership is satisfied with past accomplishments and presents no plans for the future…a clear example of the effects of the shortcomings of a single-party government. With single-party rule, the only focus is on the next election and not the growth of the town.

While the issue of the “big box” development was defeated, there have been no clear plans for future development to help generate revenue. The town board remains satisfied that it defeated the big-box development over four years ago while, at the same time, Slingerlands is receiving increased tax revenues and employment with the Vista Technology Park

It would seem that Slingerlands has leadership that thinks outside the box and has allowed proper growth, which can be seen with the recent opening of the Shop Rite.  For those who drive to Shop Rite, keep in mind that, with proper planning, this store, with its taxes and employment, could have been located at the intersection of routes 85 and 85A.

As our school taxes continue to increase, the only option the town board will have is to look at placing higher taxes on each homeowner or reducing services to all, including our seniors….

Our town expenses are increasing at a rate that should concern all taxpayers.  Once you review the 50-percent increased cost for the town attorney and lack of tax revenue coming into the town, the only options will be to either reduce services or increase taxes. 

Yes, the town of New Scotland offers many benefits and we are lucky to live in such a town; however, this fortune is due to our past leaders.

Glenn Schultz

Town of New Scotland Republican Committee Member

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