Community newsletter launched in Rensselaerville

To the Editor:

A grassroots effort is underway to provide the residents and taxpayers in the Town of Rensselaerville with a newsletter after more than a year since the town board abolished the original, official monthly newsletter.

This is a fledgling operation with absolutely no budget so it will be a digital version only distributed by e-mail on or about the first of each month.

There will be no censuring of content provided the following requirements are met:

— 1. All submissions must be true and accurate;

— 2. All submissions must be verifiable;

— 3. All submissions must be either embedded in an e-mail or sent as an attachment in Word format;

— 4. No submission will be accepted if it contains obscene/profane or any other inappropriate language;

— 5. All submissions must be accompanied by the name, phone number, and e-mail address of a contact person.

All submissions are welcome — from groups, from individuals, from businesses. We ask that local civic organizations limit their submissions to one page monthly. Businesses are limited to a business card size ad, at least for the time being.

All submissions should be sent to  . The deadline for all submissions will be the 25th of each month. There can be no exceptions to this deadline.

Anyone wishing to subscribe to this free newsletter is asked to send his or her e-mail address to  . We ask that you inform your friends and neighbors of this latest development so we can attain town-wide distribution.

No e-mail addresses will be shared; everything will be done using BCC in order to protect your privacy.

Please understand that this is a work in progress and adjustments to policies will be made as needed. Please also know that this is a non-political effort to keep town of Rensselaerville residents and taxpayers informed on many topics.

If and when the town board resurrects the official newsletter in its full newsworthiness, we will consider suspending this publication.

Nancy Class

Marie Dermody

Georgette Koenig

Editors of the R’ville 

Community Newsletter

Editor’s note: Rensselaerville Supervisor Valerie Lounsbury confirmed this week that the community newsletter detailed in this letter is not officially related to the town government; she added that the town has appointed a committee to look into reviving an official newsletter in some form.


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