Golden and Emory have experience and ability to handle complex issues

To the Editor:

There are many reasons why a political campaign is not for everyone. I applaud those who have chosen to run: now it is up to us, the public, to decide who to elect. On Tuesday, Nov. 5, I urge you to support the candidacy of two individuals whose names and qualifications are familiar to almost all Berne town residents.

The first is my brother, Joe Golden, I have known him literally all of his life. He is a Berne-Knox-Westerlo graduate who has dedicated most of his life to the service of his country and his community. Joe is a Marine Corps vet, with 25 years of practical business experience as the previous owner and operator of the Maple Inn, and as a high school economics and local government teacher.

Joe also has five years’ experience as a member of the BKW School board, two years on the planning board, and 12 years of experience as town councilman, deputy supervisor, and liaison to the library board.

Those of you who have attended town meetings know him to be an independent thinker with a sharp mind. He has a firm grasp of finance and the increasingly complex issues which come before the town board.

Joe is always willing to put the time in to get things done and to get them done right! His record clearly demonstrates that he is an outstanding Berne town councilman.

My personal experience tells me that you can always count on Joe.

The second candidate is Wayne Emory, a town of Berne resident for over 27 years and in his second term as a town board member.

Wayne has been involved with the school district and the town for many years — starting with the Parent-Teacher Association and as a Cub Scout den leader and cub master, then on the Shared Decision Making Committee and finally as a BKW School Board member.

I was privileged to serve with Wayne on the BKW Board of Education and got to see firsthand his thoughtful approach to handling difficult issues. He is now in his eighth year as a Berne Town Board member and as liaison to the planning board.

As a regular attendee at these meetings, I have a growing respect for Wayne’s intellect, ability, and thoroughness. He is a highly capable Berne town councilman.

We are fortunate to have two such able town councilmen as Joe Golden and Wayne Emory. I applaud their years of dedicated service and the many positive contributions they have made to our community.

The growing complexity of the job requires people with the experience of working on a board or with committees. It is my honor to voice my support for both Joe Golden and Wayne Emory.

Helen M. Lounsbury



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