Thanks for supporting the Berne Fire Company

To the Editor:

The Berne Volunteer Fire Company would like to thank everyone for their donations to our 2014 calendar drive. We feel very fortunate to be volunteering for you our community. Your support is greatly appreciated!

The gift certificate drawing was held on March 3 at our monthly meeting. Following is the list of winner:

— Scott and Dawn McDermott, $25 from the Old Berne Mill;

— Rodney Burke, $25 from the Old Berne Mill;

— Larry Wilson, $25 Price Chopper;

— The Fischer-McKeon family, $25 from Hannaford;

— Ethel McDermott, $20 from the Schulz Zwicklebauer Hofbrau;

— Pat and Bob Aronson, $20 from the Maple Inn;

— Richard Ronconi, $10 from Stewart’s;

— Annette LeClair, $10 from Stewart’s;

— Ralph Hurst, $10 from Helderberg True Value;

— Bo and Kathy Fediuk, $10 from Helderberg True Value;

— Lee Ann Conners, two tickets for the Berne Fire Company’s roast beef dinner;

— Art Ritter, two tickets for the Berne Fire Company roast beef dinner; and

— Belva Boyden, two tickets for the Berne Fire company roast beef dinner.

Congratulations to them.


Vickie Snyder, 

corresponding secretary

Berne Volunteer 

Fire Company

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