Dawn Jordan is a giver and a thinker

To the Editor:

Last Tuesday, at the Berne Democratic caucus, I was pleased to see that Dawn Goodfellow Jordan was unanimously selected to be our candidate for councilperson in the November election. Dawn is a former student of mine and in many ways is now much as she was then.  She consistently has shown herself to be a conscientious, compassionate, and capable person. 

Dawn has deep roots in the Hilltowns. She even has an arrest warrant that was served on her great-great-grandfather, an avid anti-renter, for not paying his fat fowls and winter wheat. Dawn Jordan is a fifth-generation Berne resident on her mother’s side — the Brates — and has lived in our area since she was about 10 years old.  Dawn, her husband, Ron, and her 89-year-old mother live in the house that her great-great-grandfather Isaac built in the 1850s. 

As a pharmacist, she is very passionate and knowledgeable about public health and safety. She says she has been gratified to be a part of the completion stage of the Berne sewer project.

In addition, Dawn has worked with the Berne Youth Council since February as the town board’s liaison, and volunteered the first day of the Summer Youth Program.  Currently, she is on the Summerfest steering committee and heads up organizing the children’s activities.

Dawn Jordan is a "giver" but she is also a "thinker.”  She is an astute and methodical researcher. Dawn always has the facts to back up any decision she makes. Kindness and intelligence are her hallmarks.

Your vote is important!   It is oft quoted that, in a democracy, people get the government they deserve. In my opinion, we deserve the best and Dawn has shown herself to be one of our best representatives.

However, don't just take my word for it. Go to a Berne Town Board meeting on the second Wednesday of the month at 8 o'clock in the town hall and judge for yourself. Join my husband and me in the back row. Hope to see you there!

Helen M. Lounsbury

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