Why are some BKW staff being unjustly treated?

To the Editor:

I’m writing this in hopes of shedding light on some of the happenings in our wonderful community: The problems that have been in our schools, the injustice not only to those who have been talked about publicly, but to a handful of other hardworking staff members who have done nothing to ask for the awful way they’ve been treated by those in higher positions here at Berne-Knox-Westerlo.

I feel a hostile environment has been created. I’m not sure what certain administration or board members have accomplished or gained from this hostile work and community environment.

I know I’ve heard we need to “go in a different direction” with our employees and their current positions, but I’m not sure really what is getting accomplished.

Why are some staff being unjustly treated? Some employees are almost afraid to talk to these specific staff members because they fear they will be next on the chopping block.

What is being done to these handful of hardworking and reliable staff members is unjust, unfair, and absolutely ridiculous. I would like for people to learn once again that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Once, and for all, can we stop the stupidity, nasty comments, pointing fingers, and being disrespected by one another? I believe we can once again be civil to each other.

All it takes is a community working together, not against one another.

We need to stop the bullying at the top. We need to work together to realize what staff members are truly here for, which are the children, and to teach them about respect and the sense of a united community.

Special thanks to all my family and friends for supporting me.


Kathy Lounsbury

BKW School Aid

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