Resigning from town board a hard decision

To the Editor:

As of Nov. 19, I have submitted my letter of resignation to the town of Berne, in regards to my position as councilperson. It was a hard decision, yet the best decision.

I have other professional opportunities that may be coming, as well as "life is too short" situations.

 Also, with this decision, I feel the present town board has a "common energy" that I do not wish to be a part of.

I will still be highly involved with the causes that got me elected in the first place. If anything, now I will have more time to pursue these ideas, with supporting: business, fewer zoning restrictions, and youth and seniors in our town.

Thank you for this opportunity for the last two years; it has been my pleasure. Please encourage our young people to vote and don't forget to attend board meetings!

God Bless you and our wonderful town,

Bonnie Conklin