There is no greater honor than to serve our country

To the Editor:

Each Veterans Day, we salute our heroes who have served our country. Many men, women, and families over the decades are well aware of the sacrifices that are made to keep us free. Those fallen soldiers’ accomplishments are extraordinary and we must never forget what they have done to protect this nation.

I am honored to serve in the National Guard and I understand just how difficult it can be to leave your loved ones behind. It is vital to honor each and every veteran. This day provides an opportunity for all Americans to show their respect and admiration for those veterans who have answered the call and died for our nation. How we remember our heroes says a lot about who we are.

I am proud to host the program, Albany County Honor-a-Veteran. This honors one veteran, once a month who is no longer with us. Their incredible effort and service will never be forgotten and we would not be the resilient nation we are today without each one of them. 

Albany County is celebrating its 330th birthday this month. I am proud to continue a longstanding tradition of paying tribute to those who served in our monthly Honor-a-Veteran ceremony. We hear about some everyday heroes who hail from Albany County and let their families know who much we appreciate what their loved one did for us.

Likewise, a soldier’s family is also serving each and every one of us as their loved one is called to duty. There is no greater honor than to serve our country and I know just how proud these families are of the selfless commitment these individuals performed.  

Our nation’s flag signifies freedom and strength; and that is exactly what each veteran fought for. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for all these dedicated men and women for what they have done to protect our county. From the bottom of my heart, I thank our devoted veterans for their service. God Bless you, your families, and America.

Daniel P. McCoy
Albany County executive

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