Hammond avoids risks and gets facts before making accusations

To the Editor:

I would like to address some inaccuracies in Ms. [Pam] Fenoff’s letter in last week’s issue of The Enterprise:

— Supervisor Mike Hammond has been a full participant for over a year in negotiations with CDTA [Capital District Transportation Authority] regarding bus service for seniors in Knox and the Hilltowns.  Our town board has formally authorized support for this service.

— The town board is elected to represent the public by filling positions with qualified and committed candidates.  Consider the appointments that are currently in place.  They are a very talented and capable group of individuals from a variety of political persuasions.  The town board filled Ms. Fenoff’s position as clerk of the planning board by advertising it. 

— The town board doesn’t advertise to fill positions that are not vacant because it could lead to costly lawsuits. 

— There are good reasons to have an abandonment clause in the zoning ordinance.  Removing this tool could leave the town vulnerable in different circumstances.  In order to more appropriately accommodate business opportunities and growth, the town board is in the process of implementing a business district in the hamlet of Knox.  This will make it possible for a convenience store and gas station, as well as other businesses, to be established in the hamlet again.  The town board well recognizes that this is a priority of many of our residents.

Mr. Hammond has a wealth of knowledge and experience as town supervisor.  Knox residents know him well:  He understands how to run the town and keep our taxes low.  He knows ways to keep costs down and develop new revenue sources to offset rising costs that are out of our control.

He has a respectful, informed, conservative way of governing that protects taxpayers from costly lawsuits.  He avoids risk.  He gets the facts before he makes accusations.

He has done a solid, reliable job for many years.  We appreciate the support and confidence in his achievements and management from so many folks who have said, “Let’s keep Knox the way it is.”  Mike Hammond gives us experience we can depend on.   

Amy Lauterbach Pokorny

Editor’s note: Amy Lauterbach Pokorny is running on the Democratic line to retain her Knox Town Board seat. Her husband, Russell Pokorny, is the town’s recently re-appointed assessor.

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