Grimm wants to exert influence over all town entities

To the Editor:

I am mystified by Mark Grimm’s comments in response to questions printed in the Oct. 17 issue of The Altamont Enterprise.   He felt the role of town supervisor included taking public positions on issues of other taxing authorities in the town.

Mr. Grimm felt that he, in the official capacity of town supervisor, would have made public his opposition to last year’s library expansion bid.  It would be logical then to assume he would do so with the village of Altamont issues as well as those of the nine fire districts and the Guilderland school budgets.

It seems managing town hall is not sufficient; he wants to exert influence over all town entities even though they are established by law as separate and distinct from the authority of town supervisor.

Some of the nitty-gritty duties of town supervisor are:  setting policy and standards, developing budgets, directing and managing staff.  While accomplished as a media strategist and college instructor, he lacks managerial experience.

Mr. Grimm offers many opinions but has not yet set forth a clear plan. He is, in fact, running on the weakest of platforms: It is Time for a Change.

We experienced his concept of change when he and a fellow Republican were town board members.  It was the most contentious four years in town board history. Mr. Grimm’s idea of change is something we do not need to experience again.

Carolyn Williams

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