Grimm can’t keep it straight

To the Editor:

This Mark Grimm has really been annoying me for months now. All he does is talk, and all the talk doesn't really amount to much of anything in the end.

He likes to take credit for a lot of things, even when he had nothing to do with them. I keep seeing where he claims he was responsible for extending the town water system out to the folks in the west end of town who had problems with their water. Funny thing is, that work was already underway when he and his friend Warren Redlich showed up on the town board.

And, even after four years on the board, Mark Grimm still doesn't know how the town does things. I read his interview in The Enterprise last week and saw that he was saying everyone's assessments were too high and that the supervisor was to blame.

Well, I never was on the town board, but I do know that we have an assessor in Guilderland, and that the assessor sets assessments. The supervisor doesn't. That's how it works here, and that's how it works everywhere.

So it seems to me like Mark Grimm can't get it quite right and tell the truth. Doesn't matter if he's saying good things about himself or bad things about Ken Runion. Either way, he just can't keep it straight. That's reason enough for me to vote for Ken Runion and the other people he's running with on Election Day. 

Marcia Scott

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