DeNigris only recently registered to vote in Guilderland

To the Editor:

I have been closely following the race for the two Guilderland town justice positions this year and I did some research on each of the candidates. What I discovered about one of the candidates, Steve DeNigris, was very troubling.

Mr. DeNigris claims to have a connection with the Guilderland community. However, he registered to vote in Guilderland only in December 2012; before that, he was registered to vote in Arlington, Va.

How can someone adequately represent our community when he only registered to vote here 10 months ago? How could we have a Guilderland town justice who didn't even consider this community important enough to vote in until last December?

Also of concern, Mr. DeNigris's law office is in Washington, D.C. All elected officials have to be invested in and committed to the community they represent. With his office in Washington, D.C. and never having voted in a Guilderland general election, how could Steve DeNigris possibly have that investment and commitment?

James Reilly, Attorney-at-Law

Editor’s note: Stephen DeNigris said he did not register to vote in Guilderland until 2012 because he travels throughout the country and hadn’t gotten a chance to register before that time.

“I have lived here and represented clients here for 15 years,” DeNigris said. “I don’t think being registered to vote and being able to represent the community have anything to do with each other.”

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