Coach Catellier resigned

To the Editor:

First, I would like to correct the record on information published in Jordan Michael’s front-page article from Oct. 17.  This article incorrectly states that Coach Don Catellier was fired from his position as Voorheesville head basketball coach for “abusive behavior.” In fact, Mr. Michael himself accurately reported in his article printed on the front page of the April 12, 2012 Altamont Enterprise that Coach Catellier resigned from his position.

Mr. Michael’s 2012 article also quoted school officials stating:

— “This is a loss for our district,”[Athletic Director Joe] Sapienza said of Catellier’s departure. “He was very committed. He put a lot of his time into open gyms, team camps, and summer leagues. He had a vision”; and

— “Superintendent Teresa Thayer Snyder said that Catellier did a great job facilitating the basketball program, but things haven’t been easy for him. “Coaches have it rougher than most people because they’re more visible, and people have strong opinions,” she said.
“I hear complaints about everybody,” Snyder said. “You can’t please everyone.”

Second, I would like to thank Coach Andy Wright for his contributions to the basketball community in the Capital Region.  He has coached both of my children in basketball camps and they had very positive experiences with him.

As a fan of the game, I have watched him coach teams on several occasions. I have observed him interacting with many players over the course of the past few years and have heard him provide constructive feedback and a positive life message to the players, regardless of their skill level. I sincerely hope that the hurtful words and actions of some do not discourage him from continuing to coach.

Laura Minnick

Editor’s note: See this week’s “Corrections.”

To read the full stories online at, look under “Back Issues” for Sept. 15, 2011, “Coach comes under fire: Parents cite verbal abuse of his hoopsters,” and April 12, 2012, “Coach Catellier no longer at Voorheesville.”

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