Ben Deer’s mother sowed the seeds of his creative writing

To the Editor:

 Emerus: The Beginning is the title of a new book by local writer Benjamin Deer. It’s a fictional account of 18-year-old Johnny Engleheart, an average, outgoing teen who loves baseball and is close to his family.

Things quickly take a strange turn. After passing out at a baseball game, authorities find a metal chip in his neck. Things continue to worsen, with strange nightmares and cold staring eyes during his everyday life. Johnny soon finds himself immersed in the beginning of the United States power structure implosion the likes of which the world has never seen.

Johnny must now accept a great amount of responsibility to become the person he is destined to be. The fate of everyone depends on it.

As for the author, the seeds for creative writing were sown when Ben was just a youngster. He was a little on the shy side and was extremely close to his mother. It was she who encouraged young Ben to be creative with words and ideas.

As a popular teacher’s assistant at Guilderland Elementary School, Brenda Deer always went the extra mile for the children. The same was true for her family, her church, and her community. There were few that could walk in her shoes.

In July 2000, Brenda was tragically taken from us by a drunk driver while jogging with her husband, John, less than a half mile from their home. Ben was just 12.

The pain and sense of loss was balanced by the support of family, friends, the community and a strong faith.

Today, Ben’s older brother, Johnny, is a schoolteacher. His younger sister, Beth, is halfway through graduate school to become a physical therapist and, of course, Ben is now a published writer and a fine young man.

The dedication for Emerus: The Beginning reads, “For my mother.”

Scott Clark