We do a lot of fun events at our school

To the Editor:

I am Ty Santabarbara.  I go to Altamont Elementary School. I believe that we should not shout down any schools like Altamont Elementary, because it will be a longer bus ride to get to a different school and that will waste gas and money.

Also some teachers would get cut. We do a lot of fun events at our school like Jelly Bean Field Day, The Winter Wonderland Dance, The Carnival, Movie Night, Bingo, Ice Cream Social, and Math Night.  Other school don’t do those things because they’re too big.

We have such a great community and we are very close and that doesn’t happen at other schools. This one is extra special.  

If we get shut down, our moms and dads can’t come and visit our school very easily because it will be too far away.  Right now, our parents stop in for lunch; my dad brings me Subway.  This will be a lot harder to do if our school isn’t in our village.  

Please, listen to this letter.  It shows you why Altamont Elementary School shouldn’t be shut down.  Hopefully no school needs to be closed but especially ours because this is a small village and it needs the school.  Other places don’t need it like we do.

Ty Santabarbara
Altamont Elementary student

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