We are happy with what we have

To the Editor:

Hi, my name is Micah Tindale and I believe that Altamont Elementary School should not be closed to save money. Altamont Elementary School is a great school and kids look forward to coming here when they graduate from pre-school. I know I was really excited on my first day.

I believe that Altamont Elementary should stay open because, if it closed, the buses would have to come out to Altamont from a different school; the buses will need more gas and the gas money will cost a lot.

Another reason is that kids who live in Altamont can walk and bike to school with their friends. If our school were further away, walking or biking to school would not be possible. Our school also has the walking school bus where almost the whole school walks with the principal to school.

In Altamont, everybody lives close to each other and this creates better connections with our school and each other.

I know that you need to save money, but is it necessary to close down a school?

If our town is not making enough money, we can find other ways to earn more money for our town. We could have big fundraisers throughout the year.

If we want more money for our town, don’t we want to have more schools so that the kids will be educated and will someday make money for Guilderland?

If fifth-graders are moved to the middle school, fifth grade will not be so special because in our school and probably many others everybody looks forward to the last grade of elementary school.

Last of all, do we actually need more money like you say we do? Is it necessary to have that much more money? As long as we are at a school, we are happy with what we have, we could even do with less as long as we have our school.

I strongly believe that Altamont School should remain open. Thank you for taking time to read this letter and considering my point of view. Our community will fight for this school to stay open.

Micah Tindale
Altamont Elementary student

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