Town Clerk Cataldo is competent, enthusiastic, and accommodating

To the Editor:

Most politicians at the national level realize that you don't tamper with Social Security, Medicare, and the Post Office. And another advisory for Guilderland politicians to observe: You don't mess with newly elected Guilderland Town Clerk, Jean Jarrett Cataldo.

And that's just what Mike Rust, a member of the Guilderland Republican Committee, did in his letter to The Altamont Enterprise of June 5.

Because he is unable to read town board minutes for the last few months on the town's web page, Mike concludes that there is inadequate transparency, so essential to good government.

Let's look at a little history. Jerry Yerbury's administration provided live broadcasts from town hall, often interviewing town employees about their jobs and other programming as well. Very interesting and informative.

It's now some 15 years later and the flow of town information to its citizens has expanded dramatically as the Internet and computer capabilities have grown. Today, the town's web page is second to none that I have seen in providing information for its citizens.

Now let's review Mike's issue. He states that "we have not known the outcome of town board meetings for four months" because the minutes have not yet been posted. Besides the live broadcasts of every board and committee meeting, there are three repeat taped rebroadcasts during the balance of the week for each meeting.

In addition, all minutes are available at Town Hall. Mike has considerable chutzpah to make his aforementioned comment.

It's unfortunate that Mike's criticism is laid on Jean's doorstep; she is one of the most competent, enthusiastic, and accommodating employees that Guilderland has had the good fortune to employ.

As The Enterprise noted after Mike's letter, the delay in posting the board minutes was a temporary glitch, which is in the process of correction. And, of course, this is a new position for Jean who will no doubt succeed with great success as she develops processes and systems that she feels will improve the office.

Now Mike and the Republican Committee would have learned all that with a telephone call to Jean but that wouldn't have accomplished their obvious objective, now would it.

Gerard Houser

Editor’s note: Gerard Houser oversees thee town’s community gardens.

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