GPL is a fine resource that we’re happy to contribute to

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Cherry Neil for her letter last week regarding the services provided by the Guilderland Public Library. [“My library tax dollars are perhaps the best value around,” online at]

In addition to frequenting our lovely, historic, and friendly Altamont Free Library, my husband and I also make use of the marvelous facilities of the Guilderland Public Library.  We believe our tax dollars are very well utilized there and we are happy to contribute to this fine resource.

Mary Raczkowski

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After many months of soul-searching and discussion with my family, I decided not to run for re-election in March as Altamont’s Mayor.

Broden Higgins, Altamont

As I entered a gas station this morning, a fresh wave of artificial, forced-air heat smacked me across the face, causing a shudder down my entire body.