Ambassadors for Voorheesville, football players work hard to raise funds for new uniforms

To the Editor:

One of the ways that teams are learning to work together involves activities far away from the playing field. With declining budgets and rising expenses, sports teams and clubs must engage in fund-raising activities in order to get new supplies and equipment.

For the Voorheesville Blackbirds varsity football team, that means coming up with a variety of ideas for raising $6,000 for new uniforms. The Voorheesville Football Booster Club considered a range of ideas — some commonplace, others creative — and narrowed the range to a select few it might employ in short order with minimal start-up costs.

In addition to brainstorming, presentation, and negotiation skills, the boys also are learning about marketing. Utilizing word of mouth, shoestring advertising, signage, social media and other promotional activities, the football players are getting a lesson in the importance of placement, branding, and management.

As they seek to meet a late June deadline for ordering the uniforms, a movie night will take place on Friday night, June 6, at the Voorheesville Elementary School that encourages participation of young children and families.

A car wash and bake sale is planned for the next day, June 7, from 10 a.m. to 3p.m. at the Hannaford parking lot in town where the boys will put forth sweat equity.

These budding young businessmen are utilizing modern and not-so-modern fund-raising avenues such as, a social media fundraising website; a $500-prize drawing on Father’s Day, June 15; and riding an antique tractor in the Memorial Day parade with a sign publicizing their fund-raising drive.

With 16 seniors on the team this coming season, Voorheesville will field some of the most experienced, physically fit, and mentally sharp athletes. As they set to working out and building muscle, they are also sculpting brain power and business acumen, working alongside their parents in the football booster club.

Should their efforts be successful, these ambassadors of Voorheesville will know the pride of ownership, as they take the field in new jerseys this fall.

Clare Mertz, member
Voorheesville Football Booster Club

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