The quilts are coming! The quilts are coming!

To the Editor:

The Knox Quilt Show, which will be held in the Knox Town Hall, will highlight quilts made over the years by the Knox Reformed Church Quilters and we are continuing to track down those quilts. 

We will also display bed quilts that have been made by current residents of Knox.  If you would like to display a bed quilt that you have made in our show, please contact Donna at 872-2161

The Berne Quilt Show, which will be held in the Berne Senior Center, will display bed quilts of all ages owned by Berne residents, whether made locally or elsewhere. 

If you would like to display a quilt, please pick up a registration form at the Berne Library, find one in the Berne Historical Society newsletter, or contact Zenie at 894-8589.

Both shows will take place on Sunday, August 3 from 10 AM – 4 PM.  We are looking forward to presenting the beautiful artistry of these quilts.

Thank you.

Donna Gwin, secretary
Knox Historical Society