Flag needn’t be perfect to show love of country

To the Editor:

I would like our flags to be clean, new, and flown on sunny days. I also would like the rest of us to be able display our pride in our country.

Many who are elderly or less than well-to-do would like to make it apparent that they support and love our country but they are unable to put the flag up and down every day and keep it out of inclement weather or afford a shiny new flag or have it properly lighted at night.

Surely there can be differences of opinion as to which flag is suitable to display and problems with weathering that are not noted immediately.  I would rather that we show our flag more than be intimidated for doing what we can.

Ralph Miller

Editor’s note: Ralph Miller is the town historian for Berne but notes he wrote this not in any official role, but only to express his own thoughts. 

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