Don’t display a flag if you can’t treat it with respect

To the Editor:

I'm writing to The Enterprise to air one of my most irritating pet peeves. I refer to the disgraceful way some homes, businesses, and stores display American flags in the worst ragged, faded, torn, and tangled conditions imaginable.

I drive around Guilderland every day, and I see such disrespect for our national symbol that I can't stomach it. Recently, the worst offenders include the USA gas station at Western Avenue and Church Street, the Rhoades Service Station, the Guilderland Center Nursing Home, and even the Guilderland town transfer station.

People have to realize that our flag is not just an attention-getting device for their businesses, nor an advertisement to lure customers to their stores

It is a symbol of our country, and the way you respect it and display it is a reflection on your patriotism and respect for that country or your lack of same. The recent harsh winter weather is most definitely not an excuse.

Please show your concern by either cleaning your dirty flag, retiring and replacing your damaged flag, or just don't display it at all, if you can't show the respect it deserves.

Robert M. Lange

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