Backroom politics at play in appointing coaches

To the Editor:

This is a letter I sent to the Guilderland School Board last Thursday and to date have received no response or acknowledgement of its receipt:

I was in contact with some buddies who reside in Guilderland and was shocked and appalled at the backroom politics that appear to be at play once again in the [high school’s] athletic department. All of them are too scared to get mixed in the fray but, since I no longer live in Guilderland, I figured I would act on their behalf.

The fact that [former varsity girls’ lacrosse coach] Gary Chatnick waited to the last minute to resign and then handed the team over to his assistant before the position could even be posted for teachers to apply makes a farce of the process and cries of backroom politics....

How can residents have confidence in school officials if they allow such actions to occur without any concern to the process that is set up for fairness?

I hope you all take some time and investigate this situation and can somehow relay to the taxpayers how the best interests of the students and the community are served by these types of decisions....

Franz Zwicklbauer
Guilderland Class 1985
Soccer All-American
Ballston Like, N.Y.

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