Grateful for user-friendly library

To the Editor:

I received an e-mail earlier this week from the Guilderland Public Library, an organization I'm unused to receiving e-mails from. Curious about its contents, I promptly opened it, and was surprised — and greatly pleased — to see that it was a reminder that some books I had out on loan from the library were due in two days.

Why was I so pleased? It's because I had never received a notice like this from the library before, and might well have neglected to return the books I had on loan on a timely basis, which would have annoyed me, and cost me some fine money as well.

I don't know if this new reminder service from the library is something that new Director Tim Wiles introduced, or if it was something that was in the works before he arrived, and it doesn't really matter on one level. The important thing is that I thought it was wonderful to see the library implementing a procedural change that was likely not terribly difficult to bring about, but which is highly useful (not to mention considerate) for library users.

I hope to see similar simple actions taken in the future to make the library more user-friendly. I haven't always felt that there was sufficient focus on the concept of customer service out there, but this recent change seems to indicate a significant improvement, and I wanted to express my gratitude for it.

Donald Csaposs

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