Letters to the Editor

Gloria White, Altamont

More than 400,000 New Yorkers served in the military during World War I, more than from any other state.

Marilyn Miles, program coordinator, Clarksville Historical Society

Bob Prentiss, New Scotland

Brian Hunt, Superintendent; Francis Rielly, Assistant Superintendent for Business, Voorheesville Central School District

Madeline LaMountain, Village Trustee, Altamont

Emily Vincent, owner, Two Rock Ranch, Berne

Marie Wiles, superintendent, Guilderland Central School District

Victoria Plotsky, Clarksville

Pat Lightbody, publicist , Knox Women's Auxiliary to the Knox Fire Department

Vincent W. Colonno, Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany

Carol Carpenter, Master, Bethlehem Grange 137