Letters to the Editor

Madeline LaMountain, trustee, Altamont village Board

Mike Collins, Administrator, Helderberg Christian School, East Berne

I am grateful to you, our readers, for sustaining The Altamont Enterprise over the years, allowing us to seek the truth and print it.

Pat Lightbody , Assistant Senior Coordinator, Knox

Dianne Luci, Market Manager, Voorheesville

Sandra Paige Sorell, Voorheesville

Karen Schimmer, Berne Town Board

Rosemary C. Revoir, President, Guilderland Library Foundation

Kelley R. Hess, chairwoman, The J. Wyatt Spencer, Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marilyn Miles, Program Coordinator, Clarksville Historical Society

Pr. Wendy Cook, Helderberg Lutheran Church