Altamont Enterprise October 10, 1913

BERNE. The “Social Ten” of this village met the “Elite Club” of Albany at Altamont on Tuesday morning and at once proceeded to the Commercial hotel where the forenoon was pleasantly passed with music, contests, etc. After a very bountiful collation the ladies once more assembled in the parlor where several reading contests and speeches were creditably given and enjoyed by the members of both clubs. This was the first joint meeting and all are to be congratulated on the perfect success and it is hoped that the time is not far distant when they will again jointly assemble.


Horse, Wagon and Harness Stolen. Some time during Thursday night of last week, the barn of the Clikeman Brothers, about 2 miles west of Altamont, was entered and a horse, wagon, harness, 3 blankets and a crate of eggs taken. Suspicion at once rested on a stranger who had worked for them for some three weeks, who had also left during the night. The police of nearby cities were notified and a reward of $50 offered for the recovery of the property and arrest of the thief. The first trace of the property was had in Schenectady, where he had sold the eggs on Thursday and left in the direction of Saratoga. The police of that city were notified Friday morning, but while the rig was found at Eatman’s livery stable, the thief had scented danger and escaped. They returned home with their property on Saturday.


TRIED TO END HIS LIFE. Frederick Sauer Slashes Wrist With Razor — in Homeopathic Hospital — Will probably recover.

The Albany Knickerbocker-Press printed the following Tuesday morning:

Frederick Sauer, a checking clerk in the employ of the Delaware and Hudson railroad, who lives at Slingerlands, attempted to commit suicide at his home yesterday afternoon, according to the police, who found him unconscious in Broadway yesterday afternoon suffering from a razor wound in his left wrist. He was taken to the Homeopathic hospital, where it was said last night he would recover. Sauer, who is fifty-five years old, is believed to have tried to end his life because of illness.

Sauer is alleged to have attempted to take his life shortly after noon yesterday at his home by slashing his wrist with a razor.  After he cut himself, the police say, he decided he wanted to live, bound up the injury and came to Albany. He went into a barber shop in Broadway, where he was shaved. Prior to being shaved the barber bandaged the wound with a towel. The bootblack at the barber shop was assisting Sauer to the hospital when the latter fainted in Broadway from loss of blood. Patrolman Welch of the second precinct found him, called a patrol wagon and took him to the hospital.

“He wouldn’t talk at all at first,” said the patrolman last night, “and I supposed he had suffered an accident. At the hospital, however, the doctor told me the wound had been caused by a razor. I asked Sauer if this was true and he said it was. I asked him if he did it and he said, ‘yes,’ again. ‘Were you tired of living?’ I Asked him and he replied, ‘yes,’ a third time. I understand he has been ill, and also that his wife has been ill.”

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