Altamont Enterprise, October 3, 1913

Chris La Grange Killed. While returning from Delmar at about 5:30 o’clock Wednesday afternoon, the team of horses which Chris La Grange was driving took fright and ran away. Mr. La Grange was apparently thrown from the wagon and instantly killed. There were no witnesses to the accident. The team belonged to David Main and when they ran into the yard without the driver it was at once surmised that something unusual had happened. J. Raymond Tibbits, a son-in-law of Mr.

La Grange, who lives next to Mr. Main, jumped on his bicycle and went down the road to make an investigation, but he only rode as far as C. L. G. Blessings’s residence, where he found the dead body of Mr. La Grange lying near the edge of the road. He had been at work all day with the team, excavating on the Adams estate at Delmar, and was returning home when the accident occurred. Dr. Washburn of Delmar ordered the body removed to the home of J. Raymond Tibbits, with whom Mr. La Grange lived. Mr. La Grange is survived by his wife, who is an invalid, two daughters and three sons, Mrs. J. Raymond Tibbits, of this village; Mrs. M. Blessing, of Albany; Nelson, of Schenectady, and Irving and Alvin, of Oneonta.


The Altamont Orchestra will hold a socials dance at the Twentieth Century Hall, Quaker Street, N.Y., October 10th, Friday evening.


Barn Buildings Burned. All the barn buildings on the farm of Mrs. M. E. Ryall, about 3 miles south of Altamont, together with two years’ crop of hay, were burned to the ground about five o’clock Monday afternoon. It is less that two years ago when the dwelling on this farm was destroyed by fire. Mrs. Ryall, who has the sympathy of the community in her loss desires to thank the neighbors for their assistance in trying to save the buildings.


EAST BERNE. The “Christie Camp” Has closed for the season. Heavy frosts have been visiting this part of the country lately. Threshing buckwheat seems to be the chief occupation of this vicinity. Miss Carrie Filkins is employed at George Tompkins’ at Warner’s Lake. Miss Blanche Gallup, who has been working at Bins’ grove, has returned home. Mrs. Elon Gallup has gone to Florida with Mr. and Mrs. Benton Gallup for the winter.

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