Altamont Enterprise, March 3, 1914

Another Bad Storm The snow storm of Sunday was the most damaging that has occurred for many years. Officials of the railroad, telephone and telegraph lines say it was one of the worst storms in their experience. The entire country was practically storm-bound from Sunday afternoon until Monday evening. Not in 25 years has Greater New York experienced such a storm. At times the velocity of the wind reached 84 miles per hour. Altamont was completely cut off from the outside world as the telephone and telegraph wires were all down. Nineteen lines out of the local telephone “central” were broken and it will be several days before full service is restored. Trains on the D. & H. got back on schedule Thursday after running occasionally with the aid of several engines to a train. Neither of the stages from off the hill had arrived at the postoffice late Thursday afternoon and the R. D. were unable to get around for several days. No services were held in either of our churches Sunday evening on account of the slushy condition of the walks. It will be at least a week before the roads in the Helderbergs will be in their normal condition.


New Legislation. One of the important bills of the past week is that reorganizing the department of the state architect. Under the proposed law future governors will be required to honor one of the names submitted by the New York branch of the American Institute of Architects. The appointment of inefficient or incompetent state architects will thus be made impossible. The bill also required the approval of the state comptroller with relation to contemplated improvements to state buildings or the building of new structures to be maintained by the state.

The joint committee on banking of the senate and assembly has decided that March 10 shall be the date when a hearing will be held on the Van Tuyl commission banking law amendments. It is possible that there will be an added hearing on March 11. These hearings will bring to Albany many well known financiers to will be the last big hearing of the year.

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