The new street would bring more houses to the area, but it would not make the area into a “through street” leading anywhere else. 

Lynne Buchanan

Buchanan would like to see dog licensing go online, to provide residents with another option. 

Being a pediatrician involved in caring for children who have been abused involves many “inspiring moments,” says Rebecca Butterfield, M.D., who has been selected to join Guilderland’s school board. 

Deb Hext was recently appointed chairwoman of the Altamont Planning Board after Tim Wilford resigned. 

The cases against Richard Sherwood and Thomas Lagan — following their arrests in February 2018 — are closing, with the first sentencing, of Lagan, in county court this week. He still needs to be sentenced in federal court, in December. Sherwood will be sentenced in county and federal court in December. 

At about 10 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 3, this tree on South Parkway Drive in Guilderland was sheared straight down the length of its trunk

“Everyone I’ve spoken with says that it’s just one of the best corn mazes in the area,” FMS principal Michael Laster said of Liberty Ridge, which boasts a 100-acre corn maze for kids to explore. Liberty Ridge was also forced by the state and the courts several years ago to let all couples, including same-sex couples, who wanted to, to hold their weddings there. 

For the second straight month, the Altamont Village Board pushed off its decision on rezoning 107-109 Helderberg Ave.

Five people are seeking the unpaid school board post. Their job interviews will be conducted in public and broadcast live on TV. 

The Guilderland Planning Board is considering subdivisions of two large parcels of land, one outside Altamont and the other in western Guilderland.