Franklin Casatelli

Released from prison just 10 days earlier, Casatelli was "a man on a mission," said lawyer for the prosecution Shannon Sarfoh in her closing statement: "He was going to have sex with a woman, any woman, regardless of her consent or lack of consent." 

GUILDERLAND — Acting on a complaint they received early Thursday morning, Guilderland Police charged a 31-year-old Connecticut man with two felonies — second-degree rape and second-degree criminal sex act where the actor is over 17 and the victim is under 15.

Franklin Casatelli

The jury was selected on Monday and the case is expected to go to the jury Thursday or Friday.

The developer who owns Carman Plaza wants to place multi-family dwellings on both ends of the shopping mall on Carman Road.

Paul Gait

The Rau family has farmed on Settles Hill since 1799, valuing the open space and agricultural heritage. A new next-door neighbor, Paul Gait, a world-renowned lacrosse player, has gotten approval from the town to build an office and showroom on his property for the lacrosse equipment he makes elsewhere.

The village explored ways to save the house, and was promised a grant for $25,000 to help, but later found that costs of replacing the roof alone would be almost $39,000.

Thieves have been comitting “crimes of opportunity,” say police in neighboring Guilderland and Albany.

In Keir Aspin’s Farnsworth Middle School classroom, the old game of spinning a globe, placing your finger on a random spot when it stops, and then dreaming of traveling there has been replaced by a feature on Google Earth. 

Anthony Gentile, 57, told Judge Gary L. Sharpe of the United States District Court on Monday that he was “of course terrified of prison,” prior to being sentenced to five years on child pornography charges.

Judi Eells

When fire takes a home or a business, it can take a long time to rebuild.